Nightfood, Inc. (OTC: NGTF), “The Nighttime Snack Company”, delivers better-for-you, sleep-friendly choices for evening snacking. The national launch of Nightfood ice cream began in October 2018 with retailer meetings with some of the largest supermarket and retail chains in the country.


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According to IRI Worldwide, 44% of snack consumption occurs at night, representing a consumer spend of over $1B weekly on nighttime snacks. You can learn more about the size and scope of the nighttime snack market at

Market research giant Mintel called nighttime specific food and beverages one of the most “compelling and category changing” food trends for the coming years.

Industry experts estimate approximately 80% of all at-home ice cream consumption takes place in the hours shortly before bed.

According to a recent Harris Poll, a full 48% of millennials reported that “In bed, watching TV” is where they choose to enjoy their ice cream.

Having seen two start-up ice cream companies this decade achieve billion-dollar valuations (Talenti and Halo Top), Nightfood ice cream is set to hit retail shelves across the country in Q1, 2019.

The Company expects the ice cream to be a major commercial success with its unique positioning, team of nationally known sleep experts and brand ambassadors, and a superior and sleep-friendly nighttime ice cream.

* Management recently informed investors that it may not be able to make details of certain distribution arrangements public until product is on shelf.
In a news release dated November 20, 2018, the Company indicated that meetings had been held with five of the largest retail chains in the country, that certain retail commitments have been secured, and more are expected.


– Nightfood added world-famous sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus to advise on product development, and to communicate the Nightfood brand and products to consumers across the country. Breus regularly appears in the national media to educate consumers on sleep-related issues and has logged over 100 national media appearances on outlets such as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, The View, and more.
– Independent market research indicates that two thirds of consumers reported they will definitely buy Nightfood ice cream when it’s available where they shop. And, over 80% of consumers indicated Nightfood ice cream was highly relevant to their “wants and needs”, giving it 4 or 5 stars.
– Nightfood achieved record revenues this past quarter, surpassing $100,000 in quarterly revenues for the first time in the Company’s young history.

“Industry data proves unhealthy and sleep disruptive night snacking is a significant problem for tens of millions of Americans that needs to be solved.”


THE SLEEP DOCTOR™ Nightfood Advisor​


Most at-home ice cream consumption happens in the hours before bed. Nightfood’s nighttime ice cream is uniquely positioned to become a significant player in the $6 Billion-dollar supermarket ice cream category starting in Q1, 2019.

Management has not yet specified which chains will be carrying Nightfood ice cream, but CEO Sean Folkson has publicly stated the Company expects significant retail distribution with product appearing on-shelf in Q1, 2019.

Dozens of Brand Ambassadors and consumer influencers, led by:

Tyler Eifert

Pro Bowl tight end for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals.

Ty Montgomery

Baltimore Ravens

Lauren Broch, PhD

Sleep & Nutrition Specialist, Nightfood Advisor

Rasul Douglas

Philadelphia Eagles

Rocco Mediate

2016 Senior PGA Champion

Jarvis Landry

3x NFL Pro-Bowler & star of HBO’s Hard Knocks

Jordan Jenkins

New York Jets

Jack Vale

Comedian & YouTube Star

Angela Stanford

Winner, 2018 Evian Championship

Bobby Portis

Chicago Bulls

Dr. Michael Grandner
Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist, Nightfood Advisor
* Each individual above owns shares of NGTF stock.

Management believes having a powerful and famous team of ambassadors and advisors is a competitive advantage in securing valuable retail shelf space, as well as driving consumer awareness and trial. When Nightfood ice cream hits shelves, the company intends to activate their influencers and brand ambassadors to drive massive consumer purchase and word of mouth.

Value Proposition: During the past 12 months, several brands in the better-for-you snack space have sold for hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. These include RXBar, SkinnyPop popcorn, and Kind Bar.

Because Nightfood is viewed as a “platform brand”, it is anticipated that the success of Nightfood ice cream would pave the way for additional lines of sleep-friendly nighttime snacks in additional formats. Nightfood could defend its position as the dominant brand in what is expected by many to be a multi-billion-dollar category in the coming years.

The X-Factor:

Earlier in 2018, NGTF created a new wholly-owned subsidiary called MJ Munchies, Inc. to enter the marijuana and CBD edibles space.

To date, MJ Munchies has built an impressive portfolio of intellectual property, including acquiring the U.S. and California trademark for the brand name Half-Baked® as it relates to baked goods and cannabis edibles respectively.

In addition, they acquired and have filed a patent application for a proprietary ingredient which Management believes will set Half-Baked® goods apart from the competition, and provide a defensible competitive advantage.

CEO Sean Folkson has stated that he believes Half-Baked is the best brand name available in the edibles space, and we agree. Through partnerships and licensing, management intends to leverage the name into a leading national edibles brand in coming years as more states continue to legalize recreational-use marijuana. The edibles category continues to widely outperform marijuana flower purchased for smoking.

How this play into the cannabis space will play out is anybody’s guess. It’s all still much earlier along than the Nightfood line of ice cream and snacks. However, in seeing management’s ability to build a world-class team, it’s worth considering that this is a second viable path to considerable valuation.

In addition to the ice cream, which seems like it’s on the fast track to success, the MJ play could be a second scoop of excitement for investors that believe in the long-term value of the cannabis sector.

Market Information

Nightfood Holdings, Inc. trades on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol: NGTF

Market Cap: 7,841,893 11/19/2018
Authorized Shares 200,000,000 11/19/2018
Outstanding Shares 45,283,090 11/19/2018
Restricted 23,974,792 11/19/2018
Unrestricted 21,308,298 11/19/2018
Held at DTC 19,977,520 11/19/2018
Float: 5,865,085 03/30/2017
Shareholders of Record: 117 09/28/2018
Short Interest: 155 (162.71%) 10/15/2018
Transfer Agent: ClearTrust, LLC
Key Executives
Sean Folkson – CEO
Jim Christensen – VP of Ice Cream



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